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Dr Michael Pilon
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Dr Michael Pilon

Ottawa, Ontario, CA

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Dr Michael Pilon

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Dr Michael Pilon

  Ottawa, Ontario, CA

DEMO : Deep but natural , sincere and well pronounced. Commercial ,French accent where required .

Announcer Everyman Guy Next Door Upper Class Business Man Attractive Authentic Confident Corporate Energetic Friendly Informative Natural Retail Upbeat Canadian French (Québécois) North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

He has been interested in advertising since High School when he read THE HIDDEN PERSUADERS By Vance Packard. it changed how he interpreted advertising forever. Dr Edward de Bono is a Neurophysiologist in the UK who has become involved in management and one of his books \"Thinking outside the box\" can apply to everything including advertising. Kevin Roberts CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi is an amazing self made man who runs a 7 billion a year ad agency. His philosophy is that emotion not information is what gets people's attention. In his voice over involvement he endeavors to include all philosophies in his work .,VOICE OVER ADS CAN FILL THE EMOTIONS THAT PEOPLE LISTEN TO.

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