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Baltimore, Maryland, US
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John Pierce

  Baltimore, Maryland, US

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Announcer Characters Cowboy Mobster Nerd Creepy Folksy Jewish North American US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)

English (North American)
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This demo is a collection of character voices I like to do. I also wrote the copy. Allow me to introduce them:
-Professor Fuddy Duddy - older, insecure gentleman and academic nerd. Could also be a shy, geeky kid in school.
-Grumpy New Yorker - middle-aged/older man with a NY accent who is flabbergasted and panicked much of the time.
-Redneck - high-pitched southern yahoo; Blake Shelton's older cousin.
-1960s Announcer - the classic overly dramatic game show host with a smile you can see and hear.
-Mr. Squeaky - the protagonist's friend who's worried and exasperated.
-Mrs. Merriweather - the low-pitched, creepy man-woman who is reassuring in an odd and unsettling way.
-High School Coach - the brother of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's flying coach
-Raspy Gangster - the older Italian hit man whose voice is a loud and urgent whisper
-Older New York Lady - the giddy and gossipy Jewish woman who lives in Manhattan
-Folksy Country - the male version of Reba McEntire
-Sexy Man - low-pitched and enticing, this guy knows he's cool - and has the rap to prove it.

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