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Sophie Brascia

Los Angeles, California, US

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Sophie Brascia

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Sophie Brascia

  Los Angeles, California, US

Video Game

Characters Nerd Amusing Animated Attitude Attractive Crazy High Energy Softspoken Tough North American

English (North American)
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The video game world is where reality is left behind and fantasy takes over. I grew up playing video games and still get excited to play my old favorites pac- man, centipede, and street fighter. My imagination is enhanced by reading the character descriptions which inspire me to create the unique voice of the characters. I have the range of a high pitched squeaky munchkin, elf, or creature and can jump right into a strong, stoic, brave warrior. Making strange battle sounds, calls, screams, and chants are an entertaining part of the fantasy world. I like to incorporate a low toned whispering sound to show passion, emotion, power, and conviction. I enjoy the princess and female roles that are high energy, silly, out going, happy, friendly and crisp. My versatility is a strength in the category.

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