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Ben Carter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

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Ben Carter

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Ben Carter

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Ben Carter – Sincere, Warm, Friendly, Conversational, Upbeat

Announcer Doctor Everyman Guy Next Door Regular Joe Authentic Believable Calming Caring Casual Conversational Genuine Sincere Warm Approachable North American US General American (GenAm)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

accessible, affable, agreeable, amicable, announcer, approachable, authentic, average guy, average man, average person, believable, best friend, bright, brotherly, businesslike, calm, calming, candid, capable, caring, casual, classic, classy, close, collegial, colloquial, comfortable, comforting, companion, compelling, competent, complimentary, composed, concerned, confident, conscientious, considerate, conversational, convincing, cool, cool-headed, cordial, corporate, cosmopolitan, courteous, credible, demure, dependable, dignified, educated, effective, elegant, enchanting, endearing, engaging, enlightening, everyman, experienced, expert, explanatory, familiar, favorable, folksy, fraternal, fresh, friend, friendly, genial, genteel, gentle, genuine, good-natured, good person, graceful, gracious, guy next door, handsome, happy, heartfelt, helpful, honest, hopeful, hospitable, informal, informational, informative, inquisitive, inspirational, instructional, instructive, intelligent, intimate, knowledgeable, laid back, loving, male, man, medical, mellow, metropolitan, midlife, mild, modest, motivational, natural, neighborly, next door neighbor, nice guy, nonchalant, normal guy, normal man, normal person, nurturing, optimistic, personable, persuasive, plain, plainspoken, plausible, poised, polished, polite, positive, professional, proficient, proper, qualified, real person, realistic, reasonable, reassuring, refined, regular guy, regular joe, regular person, relatable, relaxed, reliable, reserved, respectful, responsible, restrained, reverent, seasoned, self-assured, self-confident, sharp, simple, sincere, skilled, skillful, smart, smile, smiling, smooth, soft sell, soft-spoken, sociable, social, soothing, spokesperson, straightforward, subdued, subtle, sunny, supportive, sympathetic, talented, tasteful, tender, tenderhearted, tenor voice, thoughtful, true, trustworthy, truthful, typical guy, typical man, typical person, unassuming, upbeat, uplifting, warm, warmhearted, wise, worldly, worldly-wise, youthful, Cigna spot, Cigna commercial, Cigna ad, you were born an original

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