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Sarah Gardner Demos

Sacramento/Los Angeles, California, US

Telephone & Voicemail(IVR)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged (35-54)
Your company's image is based on first impressions, and one of the first things any potential customer will encounter is your telephone answering system or auto attendant. Sarah Gardner has been the voice for systems around the world. Sarah's voice will provide the class, professionalism, and competence your business demands.
Sarah's versatile range includes : Approachable Articulate Authoritative Believable Bright, Confident Conversational Clear Energetic Enthusiastic Fun Friendly Happy Girl Next Door Real Reassuring Relatable Natural Positive Upbeat Youthful Generation X Blissful Calm Casual Cheerful Classy Concerned Dynamic Down To Earth Engaging Fun Inviting Hip Heartfelt Likable Lively Modern Motherly Mysterious Young Mom Optimistic Out-going Perky Personable Refreshing Sincere Silly Sexy Versatile Vibrant Vivid Vivacious and Warm just to name a few.