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Erick David

Des Moines, Iowa, US
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Erick David

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Erick David

  Des Moines, Iowa, US

Professional, Sincere - AT&T

Executive Lawyer Professor Snob Tourist Articulate Comforting Easygoing Educational Inspirational Reassuring Soothing Strong Sympathetic Upper Class North American US General American (GenAm) US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

An example of Erick David Voice Over Talent for AT&T commercial as Articulate, Authoritative, Believable, Calm, Calming, Conversational, Knowledgable, Professional, Sincere, Strong and as

Conversational, Believable, Animated, Confident, Friendly, Informative, Authoritative, Corporate, Professional and Upbeat, Natural, Knowledgeable, Playful, Smooth, Youthful, Uplifting, Energetic, Comforting, Bold, Understated, Authentic, Calming, Easygoing, Hard Sell, Inspirational, Medical, Persuasive, Motivational, Retail, Intellectual, Genuine, Calm, High Energy, Reassuring, Sympathetic, Trustworthy, Warm, Sincere, Narrator, Measured, Geeky / Nerdy, Enthusiastic, Confessional, Attractive, Perky, Casual, Abrupt, Exaggerated, Happy, Mellow, Nonchalant, Religious, Sarcastic, Softspoken, Technical, Political, Inquisitive, Endearing, Commanding, Articulate, Aged, Aggressive, Aloof, Amusing, Angry, Annoying, Antagonistic, Athletic, Attentive, Attitude, Awkward, Bilingual, Biting, Blue Collar, Booming, Bossy, Brave, Broken Speech, Brooding, Bubbly, Burly, Camp, Caring, Cartoon, Child-like, Chipper, Classy, Cocky, Concerned, Condescending, Confused, Country, Crackly, Crazy, Creepy, Cute, Cynical, Dangerous, Deadpan, Deep, Defeated, Demonic, Ditzy, Dynamic, Eccentric, Edgy, Educational, Egotistical, Enchanting, Engaging, Entitled, Evil, Excitable, Excited, Exhausted, Exotic, Explosive, Extreme, Fast Paced, Feminine, Flirty, Folksy, Forceful, Foreign, Frightened, Funny, Gravelly, Gritty, Grizzled, Guttural, Happy Go Lucky, Heroic, High Pitched, High Strung, Hip, Holiday, Humorous, Husky, Hyper, Hysterical, Ignorant, Imaging, Immature, Impatient, Injured, Intimidating, Jovial, Know it All, Laid Back, Lazy, Lisp, Low Pitched, Lyrical, Manly/Masculine, Mature, Melodramatic, Midlife, Mischievous, Monotone, Moody, Movie, Trailer, Multilingual, Mush Mouth, Mysterious, Nasal, Nurturing, Old Time Radio, Ominous, Over The Top, Panicky, Passive, Passive Aggressive, Pompous, Posh, Professorial, Proud, Quirky, Radio, Raspy, Resonant, Retro, Reverent, Robotic, Romantic, Royal, Rugged, Sad, Sassy, Saucy, Scary, Scientific, Serious, Sheepish, Shy, Sick, Singing, Skeptical, Sketchy, Sleazy, Slow Paced, Smiling, Snarky, Snobby, Soothing, Sophisticated, Spacey, Spooky, Squeaky, Stodgy, Straightforward, Strong, Stupid, Stutter, Submissive, Sultry, Sweet, Terrified, Thoughtful, Timid, Tired, Toothless, Tough, Translation, Uncomfortable, Upper Class, Uptight, Velvety, Versatile, Villainous, Wacky, Whimsical, Wimp, Witty, Worried

And as a

Narrator, Storyteller, Guy Next Door, Everyman, Buddy, Generation Y, IT Guy, Student, Motivational Speaker, Spokesperson, Generation X, Kid Next Door, Dude, Aspiring Artist, Coach, Announcer, Salesperson, Annoying Kid, Athlete, Award Acceptance, Banker, Boss, Brat, Bully, Bum, Car Salesman, Characters, Cheerleader, Chef, Construction Worker, Creep, Criminal, Detective, DJ, Doctor, Drill Sergeant, Executive, Family Man, Farmer, Father, Fighter Pilot, Flirt, Frat Boy, Geek, Heckler, Henchman, Hero, Hipster, Host/Interviewer, Husband, Interviewer, Jerk, Lawyer, Lone Ranger, Nerd, Newscaster, Patient, Phone Operator, Playful, Police Officer, Politician, Preacher, Priest, Professor, Reporter, Rock Star, School Boy, Slacker, Smoker, Snob, Soldier, Sportscaster, Starlet, Straight Man, Superhero, Surfer Dude, Teacher, Teacher’s Pet, Teenager, Therapist, Tourist, Trucker, Upper Class, Urban Youth, Villain, Warrior, Wizard, Wrestler and Yuppie

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