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New Jersey, US

Brian C. Topping General Narration

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
*Brian C. Topping - 5-Star Reviews - 5-Star Customer Service*

The neutral North American English voice of Brian C. Topping is appealing, articulate, attractive, authentic, authoritative, believable, business smart, calming, captivating, caring, casual, cheerful, classy, clear, compassionate, confident, contemporary, conversational, creative, eager, educated, educational, eloquent, empathetic, encouraging, energetic, energizing, engaging, enthusiastic, everyman, executive, fresh sounding, friendly, genuine, hopeful, informative, inspirational, intellectual, intelligent, inviting, kind, knowledgeable, male, masculine, mature, medical, neighborly, optimistic, passionate, positive, practical, professional, real, scientific, serene, serious, sincere, smooth, sociable, technical, technological, radio and television broadcasting , thoughtful, thought provoking, tranquil, trustworthy, upbeat, warm and witty. Accents include New York and New Jersey. Vocal age ranges include young adult and middle age 35-65. Customer service is the highest priority. Types of services include: Animated Video, announcer, audiobooks, audio tours, B2B, B2C, B4B, eLearning and education, online tutorials, do-it-yourself videos, English as a second language, broadcasting video, broadcasting, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, business, commercial, compliance videos, corporate, curriculum, industrial presentations, internal film, internal presentation, internal video, international videos, internet videos, investment banking, kick-starter videos, new employee videos, promotional items, trade show exhibitions, public service announcements, security training videos and instructions, museum tours, tours of an interactive nature, biographies, historical documentaries, nature and wildlife documentaries, auto-attendant, medical, scientific, radio, radio programs, radio commercials, televised programs, television commercials, telephone messaging, television, training videos, travel videos, travelogues, voice prompts, IVR, message on hold, mobile apps, web videos, explainer videos, web-based training, webisodes, whiteboard animation and more! *About the logo: The four images are designed to inspire the viewer to consider the sound, personality and quality of my voice. Not unlike megaphones, the reverberating conical images are reminiscent of scrolls, from which the scripts come alive. While identical, the images are like a quartet of the same voice, capable of going in different directions at the client's preference.