Duffy Weber

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Cincinnati, Ohio, US • 11:57 PM Local Time

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Duffy Weber

Category Videogames
Language English (North American)
Description Heroes and Villains - Neutral/natural voices (mostly)

Young and old, raspy and clear, high energy, animated, and believable. Also, there's a beast-girl/granny in there somewhere. ; )

Deep, mid-range and high voices.
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I have a kingdom to astound. And princess. To who? I'm a true hero, you know. Ready. We'll make back here when this is over. See your kid? So? All right, let's do this. So there's a problem you might blustery you plan, right? Crap. They're gonna kill it. No, son, when I want someone dead, I killed myself. Don't send people to kill anyone. Dream on zero. You know you can't be Hi. I'm glad you guys showed up to fight this thing. I'm too old for all this running. Hold him off. Go on. Go on, get out of here. Oh, you turned out to be some hero. I turned out to be a really You know, I am place to kingdom come. I'm gonna kill you. I should really be on bad. That's bad. Now you listen to me, Mr Scruples. Any minute now, they're gonna show up and try to make us all dead. Now, you take this in the first person that comes around that corner, you pull the trigger. No questions asked the beach. You want your little girly friend all shot up? I should have really tracked you. Give me those actual that all you down area. Come on. I'm a kick your that, You big distraction. Now move! They're not here. You'll have to fight me. Please respond. Repeat, Please respond. That's right. I'm roadblock that way. My, my, Aren't you persistent? Looks like we're serving up the beating first trans on my my reduction in exchange for my life. I am sick of this just because I'm the hero. Why do I have to fight alone? I mean, there's like 45 people with swords standing around here have gone only drug with honor I earned by with this is gonna hurt way we did it. Now the world is eyes is gonna Oh, no, you don't. And more than a match for your sorry ***. Still call him a friend. Step and fight. I know you're in there. Be sure you can talk right after I beat you down. Human money. Me. Call me a based on how badly Shut that nasty math. Yes. I'll be taking 60%. 60%. Why? I'm a mercenary kid. As far as I can tell, I'm gonna be pulling my weight and part of yours. Do you think you're looking at Get off your ***, get busy and go be a hero. I will stab you in the ***. Besides, don't you have your little girlfriend to save you? Get the girl. I get my treasure. She's safe at home and everybody's happy. So do we have a deal or not? It's a deal. Tonight, people. Let's move it. Move it. Now, If you'll excuse us, we have word Todo knows that. Well, at least I'm still in one piece now I just need to figure out where I am.