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BJ Shaffer

Ny, New York, US

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BJ Shaffer

  Ny, New York, US

Pet Food Commercial/Advertisement

Patient Phone Operator Pirate Playful Police Officer Submissive Sultry Sweet Sympathetic Technical Terrified Thoughtful Timid Tired Toothless India (Telugu) India, Pakistan (Punjabi) India, Pakistan (Urdu)

English (Scottish)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

This is an advertisement for pet food, yum!
Whether it is the chill Gen Y'er, the edgy Gen X fella or the all-american guy next door, This demo has something to offer for just about any project... including yours! Featured styles: believable, amusing, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, approachable, edgy, authoritative, hard-sell, soft sell, cowboy, Southern American, inspirational, inspired and motivational.

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