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Timothy Hurst Demos

Grand Junction, Colorado, US

IRA - Irish Republican Party

English (Irish)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
Character Description:
Character Name: Bryan Culkin
Height: 5’11’’
Age: 45
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Ethnicity: white
Weight: 180lbs

Character Background: Bryan is leader of the so-called terrorist group Irish Republican Army. Brian is a leader of a group of 15 men and his goal to destroy the British Intelligence and to undermine any part of the British government by any means possible.

Character Dialogue: Now you hear lady’s we going to go into the Waterford British Intelligence facility and were going to give them the old C-4 to take those buggers out. I don’t care who’s going get hurt in the process we are here for one reason, and that is to gain Irelands independence from the pieces shit Brits.