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Louise Saint-Claire

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Louise Saint-Claire

Category Audiobooks
Language English
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description whacky, funny, amusing, soft, aloof, attentive, narrator, conversational, story teller
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Duwayne is about to draw a big, rocket shaped male organ on Sophy sos for it. Lying there on the couch in his tight white scans, Sophy Za appears to be fast asleep, unaware that his head is about to become the canvas for Duane's illustrated phallic masterpiece. Dwayne's corn chips centered. Breath gently warm surfaces, cheeks. The felt tip of the permanent marker is about to make contact. Sophy so slowly boats down the far corner he'd been hiding. Sorry body, he whispers into drains. Good here, but sadly for you, I had that cup of Frisco earlier. It's my wide awake shake, you know.