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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]
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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT...

Santa Barbara, California, US

Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British] Banner
Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]

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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]

  Santa Barbara, California, US

Narration - Children's Audiobook [British] with Character Voices [UK Accents] - Recorded by Oakhill Publishing, London, UK.

Characters Criminal Grandmother Narrator School Boy Calming Engaging Friendly Narrator Warm British England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC) England - South West (Cornwall, Devon, West Country)

English (British)
Voice Age
Young Adult

* Recorded by Audio Engineer - Douglas Kean.
Excerpt from a 3-CD unabridged audiobook series for children -
The Magic Kitten, which Louise Samuels narrated in London, UK.
Two stories: 'Classroom Chaos' and 'A Summer Spell.'
Total running time 3 hours, 16 minutes.
Production Company: Oakhill Publishing Ltd. UK. Producer: Julian Batson.
Studio Engineer: Douglas Kean
Release Date: 06/26/07
Full Audiobook available for purchase via several online sources, including (Website hidden) and (Website hidden) and rental via The Library System Worldwide.

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