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Michelle Myers
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Michelle Myers

Twin Cities, Minnesota, US

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Michelle Myers

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Michelle Myers

  Twin Cities, Minnesota, US

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Airhead Announcer Aristocrat Aspiring Artist Banker Boss Cheerleader Cowgirl Detective Diva Doctor Elderly Evil Queen Executive Fashion Designer Gangster Generation X Hippie (Hippy) Host/Interviewer Housewife Lawyer Mobster Mother Motivational Speaker Narrator Newscaster Old Lady Phone Operator Preacher Salesperson Smoker Southern Belle Sportscaster Storyteller Therapist Tourist Upper Class Villain Wicked Witch TV Host Business Woman Aloof Articulate Attractive Authoritative Believable Blue Collar Calming Cartoon Comforting Commanding Condescending Confident Conversational Deep Energetic Engaging Excited Friendly Genuine High Energy Hip Husky Inspirational Low Pitched Mature Mysterious Narrator Old Time Radio Playful Professorial Radio Resonant Sassy Saucy Sincere Smooth Soothing Sophisticated Spacey Straightforward Strong Sultry Thoughtful Upper Class Urban/Street Velvety Versatile Voice Of God Intelligent Celtic England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End) England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC) German Norwegian Scandinavian US African American

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Middle Aged

With genuine warmth and velvety range, Michelle Myers' voice conveys both sophistication and substance. A classically trained actress, she has enjoyed over 25 years of professional experience in radio and television with clients ranging from General Mills and Medtronic to Target and Purina. An excellent cold-reader with a seasoned ear and an accute sense of timing, she has lent her voice to projects for some of the nations largest and most iconic ad agencies. Equally at home doing commercials, documentaries, instructionals' or phone banks …Michelle would welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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