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Kaylee ProVoice -**5 Star Rated**
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Kaylee ProVoice -**5 Star...

Los Angeles Area, California, US

Kaylee ProVoice -**5 Star Rated** Banner
Kaylee ProVoice -**5 Star Rated**

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Kaylee ProVoice -**5 Star Rated**

  Los Angeles Area, California, US

General Demo of multiple styles - young and fresh!

Airhead Child Girl Next Door Phone Operator Valley Girl Aggressive Animated Casual Conversational Cute Edgy Funny Narrator Perky Youthful North American US General American (GenAm)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

A fresh young voice, new to voices.com but has been doing voice overs for years. Easy to direct and the sound you want for your youthful commercial. Young female voice over, teen voice, fresh voice over, youthful

True Female teen voice. Teen Female.

*Young Female Voice, Fresh voice, Girl Voice, Female Voice, Bubbly Energetic Voice*

Conversational, Professional, Friendly, Believable, Confident, Authentic, Informative, Authoritative, Upbeat, Warm, Aggressive, Engaging, Corporate, Articulate, Inspirational, Energetic, Educational, Natural, Casual, Animated, Enthusiastic, Genuine, Knowledgeable, Attractive, Calm, Amusing, Youthful, Caring, Sincere, Trustworthy, Strong, Excited, Happy, Intellectual, Narrator, Calming, Serious, Motivational, Comforting, Sophisticated, Classy, High Energy, Movie Trailer, Bold, Dynamic, Smooth, Attitude, Commanding, Tough, Playful, thoughtful, Blue Collar, Manly, Concerned, Easy going, Reassuring, proud, sarcastic, booming, funny, strightforward, bubbly, soothing, technical, uplifting, attentive, slow paced, angry brave, cartoon, endearing, aloof, athletic, laid back, soft spoken, gritty, raspy, child-like, gravelly, hip, humorous, abrupt, persuasive, rugged,
Urban/Street, Scientific, Edgy, Sweet, Mysterious.

Roles include:
Narrator, Announcer, Storyteller, Characters, Everyman, Young Mother, Teacher, Spokesperson, Executive, Alpha Male, Girl next door.

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