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Charlie Powell

New York City, New York, US
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Charlie Powell

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Charlie Powell

  New York City, New York, US

CharliePowellVO Commercial / Television / Radio Demo

Announcer Family Man Generation X Spokesperson Storyteller Authentic Believable Conversational Dynamic Friendly Genuine Knowledgeable Natural Warm Cool North American US General American (GenAm) US South West (Texas)

Voice Age
Young Adult

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* Cool, Friendly, Real, Nice Guy, Casual (Honda)
* Laid Back, Buddy, Swagger, Inviting (Appleby's)
* Fun Dad, Humor, Conversational (Verizon)
* Warm, Caring, Relatable, Story Teller (Principal Financial)
* Stylish, Outgoing, Upbeat, Confident (Warby Parker)
* Video Game Promo (GameStop)

Commercial , Promo, Trailer, Product Intro, Narration, Guy Next Door, Emotion, Announcer, Natural, Approachable , Business, Baritone, Smooth, Raspy, Deep, Whisper, Speak, Corporate, Tough, Young, Mature, Authoritative, Confidence, Urgency, Current, Fresh, Relaxing, Sincere, Comforting, Call to Action, Athletic, Guy Next Door, Commercial, Accent, Business, eLearning, Education, Internet, Movie Trailer, Narrator, Audiobook, Cartoon, Authoritative, Natural, Confident, Broadcast, Television, Radio, Young Adult


\"If you work with Charlie once, you'll never want to work with anyone else. He's a total pro and his signature sound just draws the listener into your message every singe time.\"
~ Chuck Duran (Producer/Director)

\"Charlie delivered big time! Exactly what I wanted. Great to work with. Very talented, very nice, very professional.\"
~ Andrew Corbett (Creative Director)

Charlie is incredibly skilled and his love for what he does shows in his performances. He provided me with some exceptional Voice Over work and not only were the audio files of the highest caliber, but the emotional conviction he portrayed was exceptional and convincing. I highly recommend Charlie. A great and humble character. A great and powerful voice.
~ Coreetta Buchan (Screenwriter & Producer at Buchan Productions)

\"Thank you for quick turnaround and great work!\"
~ Kyle Holder

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