Rita Pardue

Las Vegas, Nevada, US • 10:01 AM Local Time

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Oct 25, 2020 - Nov 09, 2020


Rita Pardue

Category Radio
Language English
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description Professional voice over demo by Rita Pardue hosted by Voices.com
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Chicago's 106.76 point seven Sunday morning Sunrise celebration. Geosynchronous orbit with planet earth. You live from Universal Studios Hollywood, Johnny and Mo in the morning. Could you repeat that, please? I believe I had something crazy in my Johnny and Mo in the morning. I've never heard of such a brutal, shocking injustice that I cared so little about every we day, morning, Catholic family, radio, family, real life, real problems. Real more family safe music up next. Okay, Just remember this express priority to literally taking you to through the deep blue thing this week. And professional wrestling? Yes, Sick pop.
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