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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]
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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT...

Santa Barbara, California, US

Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British] Banner
Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]

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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT [British]

  Santa Barbara, California, US

RADIO COMMERCIAL: HOLIDAY / SEASONAL - 'Mrs. Claus' Christmas.' British - Yorkshire Accents. [Written/Voiced/Recorded/Edited by Louise Samuels].

Characters Elderly Fairy Godmother Old Lady Old Man Aged Amusing Animated Eccentric Funny Holiday Humorous Melodramatic Passive Aggressive Wacky British England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC) England - Yorkshire & Humber

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SEASONAL DEMO - 'Mrs. Claus' Christmas Commercial' -
Written; Voiced; Recorded; Edited by Louise Samuels

Just a fun Radio Commercial for the Holiday Season! ...
Thanks to 'Price (Website hidden)', Mrs. Claus and the busy team of elves at the North Pole HQ, can plug in 'The List' online, instantly find the best deals and have them shipped [or droned] straight to the Grotto for packing!...while Santa sits with a cup of hot toddy, practising his 'one big line'.... \"Ho!Ho!Ho!\"....Mrs. Claus is feeling pretty unimpressed with Santa, but LOVES Price Compare .Com!!....

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