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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)
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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT...

Santa Barbara, California, US

Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British) Banner
Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)

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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)

  Santa Barbara, California, US

Queen Elizabeth II - 'Royal Announcement from Buckingham Palace' - Comedic - 'Posh' British Accents; QUEEN at 00:29

Announcer Aristocrat Characters Impressions Upper Class Aloof Articulate Deadpan High Strung Humorous Measured Royal Snobby Upper Class Uptight British England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End) England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)

English (British)
Voice Age

Written, voiced, recorded and edited by Louise Samuels.
This is an example of my general vocal impression of The Queen and the tone, delivery and manner of the British Upper Classes and British aristocracy in general, in the format of a 'SPOOF Birthday Message' for an [unnamed 18 year old on her birthday].
After being formally introduced by a Royal Announcer, 'The Queen' reads a short Official Speech to an assembled congregation to congratulate the recipient on reaching the age of 18. She is briefly interrupted by her beloved corgis and then declares the celebrations officially 'open'...prince Phillip puts in a brief word at the end...suggesting a toast.

Her Majesty The Queen
Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen
Elizabeth Regina
Her Royal Highness
The Queen of England

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