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Jas Patrick

Nashville, Tennessee, US
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Jas Patrick

  Nashville, Tennessee, US

Jas Patrick - GoPro Mountain Games - Tough, Dude, Rugged, Young, High Energy, Athlete, Documentary

Athlete Dude Hero Rock Star Alpha Male Aggressive Athletic Cocky Confident Dynamic Edgy Extreme Gritty High Energy Tough US Mid-Atlantic US West Coast (California, Portland) US Western

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Jas Patrick narrates a short documentary about the GoPro Mountain Games held annually in Vail, Colorado! Tough, streetwise, cocky, rugged, youthful, high energy, athletic, articulate, strong, alpha male, hero, dude, rock star, confident, edgy, dynamic, extreme, explosive, gritty, grizzled, cool, hip, hipster, generation y, millennial, outdoors, mountain man, surfer dude, snowboard dude, guy next door, everyman, smooth, hardcore, rock and roll, rocker, attractive

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