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Jack Hicks

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
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Jack Hicks

  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Jack Hicks-Conversational, Sincere


Announcer Everyman Guy Next Door Narrator Teacher Authoritative Classy Confident Conversational Corporate Friendly Informative Natural Professorial Thoughtful North American US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes) US Upper Midwest (Fargo, Minnesota)

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Middle Aged

Hopefully you can feel the emotions of a proud father as I envisioned my own daughter while reading it. She is a genius and has had a laptop since she was 13. She's written a lot of papers on that computer! More coming up in college! I try to visualize something that's real to me when I perform a voice over. This delivery style has worked great for business voice over and and internet voice over, not to mention, explainer video!

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