Sarah Hethcoat

Los Angeles (Studio City), California, US • 2:15 PM Local Time

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Sarah Hethcoat

Category Internet Video
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Child (5-12)
Description Educational_Children:

Diney Junior Story time-App: Child Narrator Playful Spokesperson Teenager Girl next door Animated Authentic Sweet Believable Bubbly Youthful Casual Confident Engaging Friendly Genuine Narrator Smiling Technical Upbeat

ABC-WithTag (Singing): Singing Child Playful Kid Animated Kid next door Authentic Believable Youthful Confident Energetic Engaging Enthusiastic Excited Genuine High energy Lyrical Smiling Sweet Upbeat
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Welcome to Disney Story Time Tap on the mouse years to go to your bookshelf and read a book. Slide up to see all the books in the bookstore here. The story read to you. Tap the orange button to read by yourself. Tap the red button A B C E h i j k l M N E o Teoh B W Why?