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Clara Hembree Demos

Tahoma, California, US

The Dogman

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult
Written by Clara Hembree -
But if we stay here, these buzzards will keep on hovering above us. They know we’re dragging around this dead body! The cops are sure to find us if they keep hovering like that. We have to ditch the body and run away as fast as we can to the river! If we get caught we’re dead meat! Don’t you get it? Dead meat! We’ll be in prison for the rest of our lives! No one will understand the truth if we told them! I mean, who is going to believe us if we say some type of dogman, werewolf thing came out of the forest last night while we were partying, chased us down the trail, and since Denver was the slowest runner the dogman got him! He’s ripped to shreds anyway, we have to leave him. They’ll think it was a bear or mountain lion. Come on! Let’s go!!!