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Clara Hembree Demos

Tahoma, California, US

Bird Geek

English (North American)
Voice Age
Teen (13-17)
Written by Clara Hembree -
Let me tell you what I was wearing so that you get more of an idea about my trek. I love saying trek because it reminds me of Star Trek and I love Star Trek. (geek laugh) I was wearing cargo pants with pockets in the back, pockets in the front and on the side. I love the side pockets because I can carry extra bird callers in there. (geek laugh) Since the weather was warm, I was only wearing a white v-neck t-shirt. I don’t know why my mother bought me v-neck t-shirts because she knows the binocular strap always chaffs the skin around my neck if I don’t have enough protection there. I had another button up shirt but I put it in my backpack because it was just getting too hot. While I was walking, that was when I saw him! The male tanager. Fluttering about a conifer tree. Then I saw his mate. A pretty little thing. I pulled my binoculars up to my eyes to get a better glance when just then an ATV started up down the trail! The birds were spooked and I lost my chance to get a closer look at this magnificent specimen.