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Aleks Le

Land O' Lakes, Florida, US

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Aleks Le

  Land O' Lakes, Florida, US

Character Demo

Aggressive Animated Antagonistic Authentic Energetic Friendly Heroic Laid Back Villainous Charismatic North American

English (North American)

This demo demonstrates my character performances.
My vast vocal and acting range enables me to perform almost everything from a cartoonish and humorous context to a gritty and grounded one.
I've portrayed characters of many different nature. Whether it be the brave and fearless hero, the laid back and approachable friend, the gritty and tough protagonist, the dark and menacing antagonist, or the wise and timid elderly.
The characters that I can play are friendly, charismatic, engaging, energetic, up beat, approachable, conversational, wacky, heroic, gritty, villainous, elderly, antagonistic, laid back, etc...

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