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Jon Boss

Jon Boss

Murrieta, California, US Status: Available
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Jon Boss

Status: Available

Jon Boss

  Murrieta, California, US

Commercial, TV, Radio


Boss Executive Motivational Speaker Storyteller Business Man Articulate Bold Confident Edgy Engaging Folksy Friendly Serious Tough Warm North American Russian US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

This demo really highlights my ability to evoke different emotions in short 10 to 15 second spots. Friendly, warm, edgy, folksy, enthusiastic, empathetic, articulate, informed, engaging, California, San Diego, Los Angeles, west coast, young, adult, confident, regular guy, tough, strong.

This commercial demo highlights different moods and attitudes. My voice does have a good range to it and I have been told its a good overall \"regular guy\" type tone to it.

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