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Peter Weisz

Peter Weisz

West Palm Beach, Florida, US

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Peter Weisz

Peter Weisz

  West Palm Beach, Florida, US

Meet Pete

Announcer Boss Elderly Game Show Host Grumpy Old Man Aged Articulate Believable Booming Commanding Engaging Informative Narrator Serious Voice Of God Eastern European Hungarian Russian

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

An introduction to Peter Weisz's professional-level vocalizations. Here's the script:
Greetings, and all ships at sea.
This is Peter Weisz, here in sunny south Florida, letting you know that my vocal cords are primed and ready to enhance your documentary, your podcast, your TV spot or your animated feature film. Some say I sound a bit like Tom Brokaw, but I’m not so sure.
My years of experience in this field enable me to draw from a range of vocalizations from young…
Hey, guys. Wassup?
To mature:
It’s been a long journey, Martha, but we’ve finally made it.

To biblical intonations:

And the LORD called unto Moses, and spake unto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation, saying, bring an offering unto the LORD.

Of course, having been raised in an immigrant community, I can easily do eastern European accents:

Not to worry, nyimnotchka. I will return from the front filled with victory and vodka.

So give me a call and check out me out with your own ears.
I hope you’ll give me a chance to give voice to your dreams.

Good-bye and good luck.

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