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Denise Thistlewaite

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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Denise Thistlewaite

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Denise Thistlewaite

  Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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Executive Generation Y Girl Next Door Teacher Business Woman Articulate Authentic Authoritative Believable Casual Conversational Educational Friendly Informative Approachable US General American (GenAm) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

Believable, Conversational, Real, Friendly, Authentic, Professional, Educational, Business, West Coast, Modern, Mom, Friend, Natural, Best Friend, Sister, Teammate, Cheerleader, Upbeat, Girl Next Door, Playful, Lighthearted, Cool, Perky, Clear, Clean, Attractive, Bright, Fresh, Crisp, Down to Earth, Happy, Positive, Energetic.
Articulate, Educated, Professional, Corporate, Recruitment, Business, Trainer, Testimonials, Q&A, Tutorials, Employee Conduct, Explainer Videos, Apps, Informative, Intelligent, Mature, Sophisticated, Smooth, Classy, Polished, Powerful, Refined, Seasoned, Smart, Strong, Stylish,

Teacher, Coach, Assistant, Manager, Leader, Trustworthy, Middle Aged Adult, You Tube Instructional, Soft Sell, Medium Sell, Lighthearted, Movie Trailers Nurse, Neighbor, Customer, Client, Fitness, Athletics, Athlete, Host, Secretary, Receptionist, Friend, Corporate Narration, Narrator, Facilitator, Teacher, Manger, Employee, Sales Rep, Client, IT, Recruiter, Public Service Announcement, Volunteerism, Philanthropy, Donation, Call to Action, Mobile to Mobile, Online, Software, Real Estate, Rentals, Auto Dealerships, How To Videos, Instructional Tutorials.
Technical Schools, Online education, e-learning, foundations, non profits, Educational Software, Educational

Methods of Delivery: Dropbox, ISDN, Vocal Booth, High Quality Audio, Business Solutions, data, ipDTL, Source Connect, E-mail.

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