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Clint Morrison

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Austin, Texas, US • 11:44 AM Local Time

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Clint Morrison

Category Videogames
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description reading with no music
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My hands have never been clean And my heart is cold and callous For those who hurt my family, my son is dead. My own flesh and blood gun down at the hand of a loathsome cup. Your father, they sent me away for life. But I got out And it's time for revenge. Eye for eye, blood for blood, his child for mine You. Now it's your time to pay. I had a couple of my guys lock you up, but the gangs place where no one will be able to hear you scream. I'm going out for one last ride. It'll be back in one hour to finish the job. I suggest you take this time to make peace with your maker because there is no way out and no hope for you. One thing's for sure. Your father is gonna wish he never crossed me. So sit tight and get comfortable. I'll see you soon. Blood for blood. I'm coming for yours.