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Victor del Rio

Victor del Rio

Douglas, Arizona, US

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Victor del Rio

Victor del Rio

  Douglas, Arizona, US

One of my songs called \"Hourglass\"

Singer Energetic Radio Singing

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

A song I made a few months ago.

It's not my fault
I don't feel the same
Everythings gonna fall on you

I can't relate
Theres No comprehension
Why do you even think of me?

So watch me break every side of this hourglass

And watch it fall on my side

So Let the sand spill away

Let it all spill away

I tried to be careful
Without any of your sympathy
Im Darkened by your own light
I'm not even who I used to be
It's all about what I make this time
Im gonna make it all on my own
It doesn't matter what disappears
Let it all fall and fade away

Its just the way you don't understand
I cant feel your sympathy anymore
I don't need you now for anything
It's all for the best to just walk away

And Maybe it just wasn't meant to be
Or Everything was all pretend
I kept you so close
And yet you were so far
I don't know, what happened, but I know
I don't need any of this at all
The moments will never be the same
The memories have all gone dark

I Never thought it wud end up this way
So far off, like im holding my breath
I'm done, so beyond
feeling exhausted

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