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Erick David
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Erick David

Des Moines, Iowa, US

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Erick David

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Erick David

  Des Moines, Iowa, US

Commercials | Authentic , Engaging , Conversational

Dude Everyman Guy Next Door Millennial Regular Joe Authentic Believable Casual Conversational Dynamic Engaging Friendly Relatable Approachable Personable North American US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Erick David Voice Actor - Commercials . He can be described as Approachable , Authentic , Believable , Casual , Conversational , Dynamic , Engaging , Friendly , Personable , Relatable . His roles have been described as Regular Joe , Everyman , Guy Next Door , Millennial and Dude .

A voice with...

Passion , drive , determination , intensity , believability , heart , hope , purpose

Sounds like...

Josh Lucas , James Marsden , Sean Astin , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Fred Savage , Matt Damon , Jason Bateman .

Some other ways to describe Erick's projects are

friendly , professional and confident
Explainer Video
sly and sarcastic
corporate Male
business standard
style , and performance
educational , engaging and encouraging
short video explainer
Enthusiastic , upbeat , tenor
cheerful and positive
internal business video
a global voice
Confident , Authoritative , not over-the-top
warm , believable , authentic
internet spot
Male actor
intimate tone , somehow flat , still making the story interesting
American Male , down to earth tone
at a corporate event and live on the company website
with a story telling quality
testimonial video
professional , yet conversational
male , mature voice , with neutral accent
normal pace , not too slow
middle-aged male announcer voice
lively and a bit of a confused reactions in some parts
web based promo video
North American male
calming and professional tone
Teacher , or Professional in the medical field
male voice for a pitch video
charismatic and very expressive
catching and engaging
lively , upbeat voice-overs
on the internet and social media
gruff , working man
optimistic , young
bright , optimistic , sincere , but slightly nervous young voice
IVR telephone system
Calm , engaging
steady pace and pitch
Mix of youth and energy with articulate and smooth
Energizing , fun , good diction , good range ( subtle to excited )
podcast intro
short corporate video ( non-broadcast )
mid to later twenties ; energetic fun read
English speaking North American
the perfect voice
wise sounding voice with an engaging quality
nervous and discontinuous
youtube channel , vimeo , instagram , and other social media
a voiceover to help elevate
slow , deep , reverent , and introspective
Childlike and innocent , yet unintentionally creepy
raise awareness
energetic voice
young , upbeat voice-over narration
Medical Device
Instructional Video

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