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Confession to Doomed (Doctor Doom's speech)

Aristocrat Doctor Misunderstood Villain Monster Villain Aggressive Antagonistic Caring Cocky Commanding Dangerous Foreign Inspirational Snobby Charismatic Eastern European German

Voice Age
Middle Aged

This is a monologue I’ve written myself for my favourite comic book villain, Doctor Viktor von Doom. For those who don’t know, he looks like a cross between Robin Hood and man in the Iron mask; he’s a super villain and at same time a dictator of a fictional Eastern European country, Latveria. Usually, he is portrayed as snobish, eccentric, vile, genius megalomaniac with a planet size ego. I didn’t deny that part in my portrayal, but the other part I accentuated is that he, ultimately, a personification of a man who really wants to do good, but never knew anything but evil in his life. So he does horrible, unspeakable things. While being perfectly convinced that he does it for noble goals (Not harming his own ambitions in the process, of course). There is hatred and a scary pride in every bit of his broken English. But at same time, there is pain, there is care, there is devotion, to the causes of what is dear to him. At same time, you keep thinking that guy might have made a good stance in some theatre, or as a candy republican politician... If his life was not as cruel to him as he is now to it.
So, imagine. The Hitler of comic book worlds is captured and brought before World Jury, to stand his trail for Crimes Against Humanity. This what you’ll hear, is the speech he delivers, at the beginning of that trial:

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