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Jamie Alcroft - Animation

English (North American)
Professional voice over demo by Jamie Alcroft hosted by Voices.com
Note: Transcripts are automatically transcribed and may contain errors.
Jamie L. Croft. I have finally made it to the new land. It is here that I, Pierre Leclerc, claim this beautiful and exotic world in the name of the King of France Had me the flag. Gerard, could you hear me in the back of the workshop? Good. Okay, first off, I want to keep it short. Bet to be easy for all of us. I remember when Microsoft was what happened when we went skinny dipping. Well, I remember when getting stoned left you dead or badly bruised on a crack salesman was someone who was just really good at their job. I also remember when a satellite dish was dinner. Where with a space motif. Okay, I remember when only the sports fans did. The drugs and silly victory dances are not the players. Oh, I remember when coming out meant you needed a tailor. And I remember when trying to download your floppy meant you were looking for a men's room Way right. I got it. Now I remember when When the old ah winter thing that, uh, what you call it. Can I try later? I remember when the hard drive was going down to the folks house with the kids in the back seat and prompt was what the mail wasn't in the winter time. I remember when Cordless was probably less horrible. Foot to go for a mind of parachutist, Right? Right. Or remember when channel surfing was the way English beach boys got to Frantz, does that make sense?

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