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Jamie Alcroft - Commercial

English (North American)
Professional voice over demo by Jamie Alcroft hosted by Voices.com
Note: Transcripts are automatically transcribed and may contain errors.
Jamie Al Croft. Merchants Bank understands how busy all of us are these days. We use the drive through so we don't have to get out of our cars. We invented the waterproof electric razor so we can shower and shave at the same time. And during the merchants bank fall lone sale, You won't even have to wait to get your loan approved. Honey. Hi. Listen, I'm gonna be home late tonight. Seems I have to teach some young punk from the office a lesson in basketball 101 So we're going all out tonight. Full court. Yes, sir. It's been a few decades since I played, but you know, I've still got my pride and my silky smooth moves. In 18 67 25 year old Clarence King had a vision. Ah, Geological survey that would stretch from the Pacific to the Great Plains could hear me in the back of the workshop gun. Okay, first off, I want to keep it short to be easy for all of us. Introducing new Butterfinger Crisp So bold, So delicious. So dangerous. Butterfinger, Chris from Nestle. Ah, whole wayto break out of the ordinary

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