Danielle Ezra

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Danielle Ezra

Category Radio
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Teen (13-17)
Description cute teenager starlet girly young fresh bubbly enthusiastic quirky
real authentic genuine conversational friendly warm relaxed casual sensitive Authoritative engaging informative fun upbeat Inspired, trustworthy anthemic empowered resolute aspirational inspirational patient knowing wink caring confident friendly natural intelligent professional experienced Intellectual inspiring inspire Aristocrat informative Approachable, Enthusiastic tech-savvy energetic Inviting smooth vibrant polished bold gritty personable welcoming emotional hip

sultry sympathetic gen x gen-x gen y gen-y generation x generation y millenial
Middle Aged young adult

narrator nurse business woman
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grab your stuff. We're goingto Wendy's. I need to share something with you. Okay. Wendy's taco salad is back. Fresh chopped lettuce topped with chili cheese and salsa served with tortilla chips and memories. Sweetie, I know you can't remember living through the nineties, but you're about to know what it tasted like. I know all about the nineties. I love classic rock. Boy bands are not classic rock. Wendy's Taco Salad tried again for the first time.