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Ben Carter Demos

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Ben Carter – Epic, Dramatic, Intense

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English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
abrupt, accomplished, adept, aggressive, alert, alive, angered, angry, announcer, antagonistic, apoplectic, argumentative, arrogant, articulate, assertive, assured, attitude, attractive, audacious, authoritarian, authoritative, authority, bellicose, belligerent, biting, boiling, bold, booming, boorish, bossy, brave, brooding, capable, certain, chilly, cocky, cold, combative, commanding, compelling, competent, conceited, conclusive, condescending, confident, contemptuous, contentious, convincing, credible, cruel, dangerous, dark, debonair, decisive, defiant, definitive, direct, disapproving, disdainful, domineering, dour, down, dynamic, eager, effective, egotistical, engaging, enraged, entitled, evil, experienced, expert, explosive, firm, foaming, forceful, frank, frightening, frosty, fuming, furious, ghoul, ghoulish, gloomy, glum, gravelly, grit, gritty, grizzled, harsh, heinous, heroic, hostile, hot, huffy, husky, icy, imaging, impatient, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriate, infuriated, intimidating, irate, joyless, livid, mad, male, man, manly, masculine, mature, mean, melodramatic, menacing, miserable, moody, movie trailer, mysterious, narcissistic, narrator, nefarious, negative, ominous, ornery, outraged, over the top, pissed off, pompous, proficient, proud, pugnacious, qualified, quarrelsome, rabid, rankled, raspy, resolute, resonant, riled, roiled, rude, scary, scrappy, seasoned, self-assured, self-confident, serious, sinister, skilled, skillful, smooth, smug, snarky, sore, steamed up, steaming, stern, strong, stuck-up, sulky, sullen, surly, talented, teed off, ticked off, tough, unfriendly, unhappy, unsatisfied, uptight, urgent, versatile, veteran, vile, villainous, villain, weighty, wicked, wrath, wrathful, bristling, bristly, burning, cross, huffy, passionate, seething, sizzling, smoldering, smouldering, worked up, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, embittered, inimical, malevolent, piqued, rancorous, resentful, resentment, spiteful, spite, vengeful, vindictive, virulent, vitriolic, antisocial, cool, disagreeable, distant, frigid, ill-tempered, sorehead, soreheaded, unpleasant, aggravated, annoyed, bearish, cantankerous, churlish, crabby, cranky, dyspeptic, exasperated, fretful, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, ill-humored, irascible, irritable, peevish, perturbed, petulant, put out, quick-tempered, snappish, testy, touchy, contrary, disputatious, querulous, bent out of shape, blue in the face, fit to be tied, hopping mad, hot under the collar, in a fume, in a huff, closefisted, miserly, parsimonious, penny-pinching, stingy, tight, tightfisted, uncharitable, ungenerous, avaricious, covetous, grasping, greedy, hoggish, mercenary, rapacious, begrudging, envious, grudging, resentful, inhospitable, selfish, catty, despiteful, hateful, malicious, malign, malignant, nasty, spiteful, vicious, devious, scoundrelly, scurvy, snakelike, envious, jealous, deprecating, derogatory, disdainful, disparaging, mean-spirited, obnoxious, scornful, snide, snotty, unkind, unkindly, unloving, baleful, baneful, hostile, caustic, poisonous, scathing, venomous, scoundrel, suspenseful, suspense, drama, dramatic, epic battle, intense, big, grand, cinematic, gladiator, exciting, in a world, Don LaFontaine, film trailer, video game trailer, network promotion, broadcast TV, broadcast radio, cable TV, fast turnaround project, film voiceover, full buy-out license, global reach voice acting, iHeartMedia, iHeartRadio, iHeart Radio, internet ad, internet advertising, internet audio, internet commercial, internet radio commercial, internet video, interactive gaming project, international reach VO, local radio spot, local TV spot, movie trailer voice, national network commercial, national radio commercial, national TV commercial, national TV project, non-broadcast voice over, nonunion project, Pandora radio ad, Pandora radio commercial, Pandora radio spot, podcast, podcasting, PowerPoint presentation, promotional material, promotional video, radio broadcasting, radio bumpers, radio commercial, radio imaging, radio liners, radio promo, radio spot, radio stingers, radio sweepers, regional radio spot, regional TV spot, sales presentation, sales video, satellite radio, short form voice talent, TV show promo, signature voice, SiriusXM radio, sizzle reel, slogan, station ID, station imaging, tag, tagline, talking game, talking toy, television project, trade show exhibit, TV broadcasting, TV commercial, TV imaging, TV narration, TV promo, TV show intro, TV spot, video game, videogame, web ad, web advertising, web commercial, web radio commercial, website presentation, website video, web video, worldwide unlimited usage license