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Melanie Carter Demos


English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
Professional voice over demo by Melanie Carter hosted by
Action Star, Airhead, Alien, Announcer, Annoying Kid, Aristocrat, Aspiring Artist, Athlete, Auctioneer, Award Acceptance, Baby, Banker, Barber Shop Quartet, Biker, Boss, Brat, Buddy, Bully, Bum, Car Salesman, Carnival Barker, Characters, Cheerleader, Chef, Child, Clown, Coach, Construction Worker, Country Music Star, Cowgirl, Creep, Criminal, Damsel In Distress, Detective, Devil, Diva, DJ, Doctor, Drill Sergeant, Drunk, Dude, Dwarf, Elderly, Elf, Everyman, Evil Queen, Executive, Fairy Godmother, Farmer, Fashion Designer, Fighter Pilot, Flirt, Game Show Host, Gangster, Geek, Generation X, Generation Y, Ghoul, Girl Next Door, Gnome, Goblin, Grandmother, Heckler, Henchman, Hero, Hillbilly, Hip Hop, Hippie (Hippy), Hipster, Hobbit, Host/Interviewer, Housewife, Igor, Impressions, Interviewer, IT Guy, Jerk, Judge, Kid, Kid Next Door, Lawyer, Leprechaun, Lone Ranger, Mad Scientist, Misunderstood Villain, Mobster, Monster, Mother, Motivational Speaker, Narrator, Nerd, Newscaster, Old Lady, Patient, Phone Operator, Pirate, Playful, Police Officer, Politician, Preacher, Priest, Professor, Prospector, Redneck, Reporter, Robot, Rock Star, Roman Gladiator, Salesperson, Samurai, School Boy, Scientist, Singer, Slacker, Smoker, Snob, Soccer Mom, Soldier, Southern Belle, Spokesperson, Sportscaster, Starlet, Storyteller, Student, Superhero, Surfer Dude, Teacher, Teacher’s Pet, Teenager, Therapist, Thug, Toddler, Tomboy, Tourist, Trolls, Trucker, Upper Class, Urban Youth, Valley Girl, Vampire, Villain, Vixen, Warrior, Werewolf, Wicked Witch, Wizard, Wrestler, Yuppie, Zombie, Alpha Male, Millennial, Regular Joe, Instructor, TV Host, Presenter, Demonstrator, Business Woman, Abrupt, Aged, Aggressive, Aloof, Amusing, Angry, Animated, Annoying, Antagonistic, Articulate, Athletic, Attentive, Attitude, Attractive, Authentic, Authoritative, Awkward, Believable, Bilingual, Biting, Blue Collar, Bold, Booming, Bossy, Brave, Broken Speech, Brooding, Bubbly, Burly, Calm, Calming, Camp, Caring, Cartoon, Casual, Child-like, Chipper, Classy, Cocky, Comforting, Commanding, Concerned, Condescending, Confessional, Confident, Confused, Conversational, Corporate, Country, Crackly, Crazy, Creepy, Cute, Cynical, Dangerous, Deep, Defeated, Demonic, Ditzy, Dynamic, Easygoing, Eccentric, Edgy, Educational, Egotistical, Enchanting, Endearing, Energetic, Engaging, Enthusiastic, Entitled, Evil, Exaggerated, Excitable, Excited, Exhausted, Exotic, Explosive, Extreme, Fast Paced, Feminine, Flirty, Folksy, Forceful, Foreign, Friendly, Frightened, Funny, Geeky / Nerdy, Genuine, Girly/Girlish, Gravelly, Gritty, Guttural, Happy, Happy Go Lucky, Hard Sell, Heroic, High Energy, High Pitched, High Strung, Hip, Hip Hop, Holiday, Humorous, Husky, Hyper, Hysterical, Imaging, Immature, Impatient, Informative, Injured, Inquisitive, Inspirational, Intellectual, Intimidating, Jovial, Know it All, Knowledgeable, Laid Back, Lazy, Lisp, Low Pitched, Lyrical, Mature, Measured, Medical, Mellow, Melodramatic, Midlife, Mischievous, Monotone, Moody, Motivational, Movie Trailer, Multilingual, Mush Mouth, Mysterious, Narrator, Nasal, Natural, Nonchalant, Nurturing, Old Time Radio, Ominous, Over The Top, Panicky, Passive, Passive Aggressive, Perky, Persuasive, Playful, Political, Pompous, Posh, Professional, Professorial, Proud, Quirky, Radio, Raspy, Reassuring, Religious, Resonant, Retail, Retro, Reverent, Robotic, Romantic, Royal, Rugged, Sad, Sarcastic, Sassy, Saucy, Scary, Scientific, Serious, Sheepish, Shy, Sick, Sincere, Singing, Skeptical, Sketchy, Sleazy, Slow Paced, Smiling, Smooth, Snarky, Snobby, Softspoken, Soothing, Sophisticated, Spacey, Spooky, Squeaky, Stodgy, Straightforward, Strong, Stutter, Submissive, Sultry, Sweet, Sympathetic, Technical, Terrified, Thoughtful, Timid, Tired, Tough, Translation, Trustworthy, Uncomfortable, Understated, Upbeat, Uplifting, Upper Class, Uptight, Urban/Street, Velvety, Versatile, Villainous, Voice Of God, Wacky, Warm, Whimsical, Wimp, Witty, Worried, Youthful, Grizzled, Relaxed, Relatable, Approachable, Stern, Luxurious, Cool, Helpful, Charismatic, Personable, Emotional, Intelligent, North American