Justin Bott

Toronto, Ontario, CA • 2:34 AM Local Time

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Justin Bott

Category Radio
Language English
Voice Age Young Adult (18-35)
Description These clips feature Justin's ability to deliver: an energetic and engaging spokesperson; a natural, genuine and conversational tone; his famous millennial deadpan humour; and a little \"legal-type\" ad just for fun! A useful range for TV, Radio & Internet Commercials or even a Podcast intro/outro!

\"Vicks\" & \"Love Food Hate Waste\" Credits:
Recorded & Engineered by: Andrew McCready @ Keen Studio (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Directed by Tracey Hoyt

Music Credits:
Tim Hortons: Spider Dave - \"A New Day\"
Earls: Matthew Pablo - \"Trouble Maker\"
RBC/Shoppers: 3x Blast - \"Happy Synths\"
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