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Category Radio
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description National Unique Affordable

Naylene's soothing female voice brings reassurance and relaxation. Native to Hawaii, she knows how to draw her audience into tranquility. On the other hand, what could be more exciting than a Polynesian vacation? She can turn up the hula beat and swing her sass for a memorable getaway. To balance calm and upbeat, it's her easy going girl next door style that makes copy/script conversations believable.

ABOUT HER: Born and raised in Hawaii, Island life was easy going. Honestly, not a care in the world. Her dad made surf boards in a shop he built next to the family's home. When her siblings and her got home from school, dad would stop his work and they would all pile in their VW van with their dogs and go to the beach. Pretty much everyday!

Now in Portland, Oregon, she brings her love for the islands into her voice business. She's passionate about giving clients the same island-style carefree experience.

Naylene wrote, voiced & produced radio commercials for years prior to voicing full time. She owned a small media buying company as well, so she understands small & medium size markets, agency work, budgets and time constraints. Even more, she knows what's needed to keep clients happy and coming back.

Her first goal is to make your job easier - as if you were watching a sunset on some beach in Hawaii, toes in the warm salty water and a margarita or beer (iced tea or juice box - whatever your heart desires) in your hand. Day dreaming yet? Her second goal is: service so helpful it's unforgettable. It can't compete with an all-expense paid vacation in Hawaii, but she promises she will take care of you the same way a guest would be. Another juice box? Comin' right up! No request is too big or small.
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