Rob Jellison

Sacramento, California, US • 7:44 PM Local Time

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Jul 07, 2020 - Jul 11, 2020

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Rob Jellison

Category Internet Video
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description Google Trueview Ad Animation - Genuine Confident Informative Smart
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Google. True View adds air skip herbal video ads that appear before other videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network. After your ad plays for five seconds, viewers can choose to skip or to continue watching. The best part is that you only pay when someone chooses toe. Watch your ad to completion or clicks to visit your website or e commerce page. With true view, you can target consumers based on demographics, location, interests, purchase intent and keywords. As your campaign runs, it generates rich data so you can learn more about your consumers and make smarter marketing decisions. Let there be creates impactful video ads and manages successful true view campaigns. Spend smarter with Let there be.