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Debbie Irwin

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Description When you're talking to young adults you have to talk like young adults if you want them to listen. Gotta be real, be hip and in on the jokes.

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there is a body of folklore that reaches all the way back through our history about America. Being a country where people are not separated into social and economic class is a place where everyone is truly free and equal. If you believe that there's a big white house in Washington, D. C. We'd like to sell you once we had kings. Before that, we may have had pack leaders. The layers of social classes included peasants, merchants, landed gentry, nobles, aristocracy and royalty. Today we have presidents, prime ministers, dictators, managers, officers, owners. On Lee. The names have changed. No matter what you call it, the world is still divided into us and them. What should we call today's rulers? Think about that for a moment while we give America credit for the good place that it thought about becoming in the US Since the sixties, the trend has been a shrinking middle class wealth concentrated into fewer and fewer hands and a general decrease in economic prosperity and quality of life. For the vast majority, those who dropped from the middle class are forced to tighten their belts drastically, but for the growing underclass of people who are no longer participants in the economic system, it means a brutal struggle for day to day survival. So what do we call today's rulers? They may not be genealogical heirs to yesterday's aristocracy, so in many cases they are. But they are. Certainly the historical heirs of the aristocracy ease, and they intend to rule. To many, the phrase ruling class would sound too much like Marxism or, God forbid, communism. Whatever you call them, today's rulers get very nervous when you shine a flashlight on them. They know the power of the media. Some people prefer to think there are no rulers and to put the question out of their minds. But if it has crossed your mind that perhaps all Americans are not equal, not before the law and certainly not in terms of the benefits we received from the government, then you have already recognized that there are ranks in society