James Larson

Burbank, California, US • 1:14 PM Local Time

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James Larson

Category Radio
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Young Adult (18-35)
Description This demo shows a variety of my commercial reads:

-Energetic, honest guy who's nervous about meeting his girlfriend's parents

-The seductive celebrations you can have with Grey Goose

-The fun and adventure awaiting you at Universal Studios

-How Facebook Live can be a good thing, if the right people are on

-A heartfelt, personal read of a man in need

-A more hard sell, but still personable Best Buy employee

-An eccentric artist who relies on the tax professionals (even though their logo is an intriguing shade of green)
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dinner with the girlfriend's parents tonight. Oh, forgot deodorant. Well, at least I remember to bring the best icebreaker of all Panda Express live like every day. Is your birthday live victoriously? You already love Universal Studios. Now go behind the scenes, meet the stars and be the first to experience the ride. The secret life of pets off the leash. Facebook Live Now you can watch your uncle's argue online in real time. Before it became a medicine, it was an idea. After it became a medicine, it was someone's hope. Mine visor, Best buy. We knew what we were doing when we named her company. So come get it the best by expert service. Unbeatable Price. I'm an artist, which means I'm not good with numbers, so I trust the people who are the professionals at H and R Block. Beautiful bright green logo