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Massachusetts Democratic Party Advertisement
Deval Patrick for Governor ad on radio running all over the State of Massachusetts. English text below so you can understand what it is in Portuguese
What happens if Republican Charlie Baker becomes governor?
Baker opposes capping premiums and would RAISE our health insurance rates.
His economic plan? Big tax breaks for the wealthy, risking huge cuts to our schools, and our health care.
Baker opposes investments in clean energy jobs, and would even CUT unemployment benefits.

So who’s looking out for US?
Governor Deval Patrick.
Sixty THOUSAND new jobs created THIS year. Seventy thousand workers RETRAINED. Hundreds of illegal guns OFF the streets. Affordable housing for EVERY community.
And Deval Patrick has put money back in OUR pockets – taking on the auto insurance companies, saving the average family hundreds of dollars.
A leader we can be proud of…Deval Patrick for Governor.
Paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party