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The many voices of Rick Moore Rickert

Animated North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

Rick is the epitome of versatility. He can go from hard sell to soft sell in a sentence. That versatility makes it easy to get the sound you want to complete your project. Rick is extremely easy to work with and is very coachable.
His smooth voice is very suitable for industrial and narration recordings, and he’s done a bunch of them. From instructional videos for O’Reilly Auto Parts to the informational video inside Table Rock Dam.
Then there’s creating character voices, which is a favorite of Rick’s. From teenage kids to grumpy old men, he does them all. Describe him a character, he’ll find the voice to fit them.
His gift of mimicry makes it easy for him to nail about any accent or dialect. Rick also does some celebrity impressions to perfection. He was once told “you sound more like Eddie Murphy, than Eddie Murphy. Kids of all ages love to hear him talk like “donkey”, and his Mickey Mouse impression nearly got him tossed out of Disney World. The master impressionist, Rich Little, who does not do Sean Connery, was knocked out by Rick’s ability to recreate his distinctive voice.
A fun loving guy, who’s a joy to work with and takes his job extremely seriously, that’s Rick.
Many have loved working with him in the past, and he would love nothing more than to work with YOU, in the future.

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