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Michelle Sparks
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Michelle Sparks

Los Angeles, California, US

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Michelle Sparks

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Michelle Sparks

  Los Angeles, California, US

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Characters Drill Sergeant Believable Confident Dangerous Exotic Explosive Extreme Strong Sultry Tough Youthful North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Michelle Sparks can make her voice punch, spit blood, coo like a princess or drink you under the table. Her voice can sport a hub cap bra, pigtails, or a military buzz cut. Michelle is a "Game On Gal." Pat Fraley - Teacher, Performer

Michelle has an excellent voice that cuts through a mix while still retaining a very attractive timbre/color, very easy to work with, quick turnaround, solid recording technique.
Posted by: Patrick Neville

If you want attitude, come and get it!

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