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Mozart Mondegreen Paragraph 4

Storyteller Animated Authoritative Believable Conversational Educational Genuine Informative Knowledgeable Serious Thoughtful British

English (British)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Reading of a paragraph from my website where I explain the history of my online coverage of the Mozart Mondegreen animation that I created with Flash MX.

This is the text -->

"It is September 2009 and I am adding a "Breakdown"
to this post. The newly-composed "Commentary" is to
follow the bleating (and not-worth-repeating)
"Little Pats on the Head" paragraphs that were the
"Day Of(f) Wra(i)th" eGreeting's heralds when I
began this Requiem "writing" as a
"NeatRetreat" (Website hidden) blog in October 2008.

I have since (November 2009) retreated
from "NeatRetreat" BACK HERE to
(Website hidden)

The animation was made in late 2003, "haste"
and the dining-room."

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