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Much in the manner of Much Wenlock

Kid Next Door Storyteller Educational Genuine Informative Knowledgeable Narrator Natural Serious Sincere Softspoken Thoughtful British

English (British)
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Middle Aged

Animated reading of the following paragraph from my webpage (Website hidden)/(Phone hidden)(Website hidden)

Much in the manner (if not "Much in the manner"
of the Manor of Much Wenlock and not tying
the knot "Much in the manner" of the manner
of wedlock in the Manor of Much Wenlock -
perhaps there's a deadlock, though THAT'd be
hemlock) that the first "poem" I sent to
(Website hidden) was "Cherry Picked" - with
subsequent scribblings all unhonoured -
startlingly, My First Flash got a nod from
the B3ta Newsletter which helped give me the
energy to quickly complete : my second attempt...
in a(n) (many many seconds) effort to catch
Christmas...but ~ Try (as I might ~ ((as a (trite)
mite (might)) try) Two (Remember (December))
fell flat.

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