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Category Movie Trailers
Language English (British)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description Confident and believable, Nick Smith’s unique ability to bring a script to life is heard in the following TV promo demo. From the ominous tone of a show like The Borgias to the light-hearted Doc Martin series, Nick Smith produces the ultimate promo voice.

The Borgias, Showtime
Little Britain U.S.A., HBO
Doc Martin, KCET
The King's Speech, Pay-Per-View
Battlestar Gallactica, BBC America
Breaking Bad, AMC

Adjectives to describe his sound include:
Exciting, thrilling, hot, high energy, explosive, booming, video games, movie trailer, dynamic, energetic, genuine, informative, happy, sophisticated, sexy, warm, sophisticated, hip, natural, believable, narrator, sincere, authoritative, classy, friendly, executive, friendly, believable, pleasant, natural, easy going, romantic, serious, funny, professional, elegant, thoughtful, uplifting, gentle, genuine, honest, informative, intelligent, mature, polished, powerful, professional, pure, real, refined, refreshing, relevant, reliable, seasoned, smart, smooth, soothing, strong, stylish, talented, trendy, trustworthy, upbeat, versatile.

Standard British, UK, Posh, Upper Class, Proper, RP (Received Pronunciation), Queens English, BBC English, King's English, Oxford English.

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There are always those who thrive on power, last on domination, even in the name of God. God will forgive us, but I will not forgive Failure. Borders on original Showtime Siri's, Britain's Funniest Men on TV, Matt Lucas and David Williams are coming to each blew. Most fun you can have on TV. With some of their favourite British characters and new American ones created for the all new Little Britain USA on HBO, scientists are saying global warming has already begun. Is it too late for us to change our ways? The politics and science of global warming? Next on science. Coming up next, he is tactless, abrasive on the only doctor in town. Well, unfortunately, I talked about what she was a nice person. Get acquainted with the amazing Doc Martin. Next on KCT Best Booth, New York Observer. Assume that makes your spirit soar. The Wall Street Journal says you're here to discuss the King's speech now playing on Pay per View Tonight on Supernatural. Saturday. It's the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica, followed by one of the best of British sci fi out costs only on BBC America Television from the other side. Once you break bad. You never go back. You know the business. And I know the chemistry. AMC is Breaking Bad is one of this season's most anticipated hit shows, Breaking Bad Tonight on AMC.