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Kevin Simmons Demos

comercial demo

Internet Video
English (North American)
The demo's you are about to hear will give you a small sample of the voice that can contribute to your commercials, (radio or tv), video games, characters, and narrations. You will notice that the over all, my vocal tone will grab the listener with a rich deep sound that can be easy to on the ear or an 'in your face' approach. I have an open door to creativity and will work diligently to get your product or service the noticed. I look forward to being the voice you and your consumer will never forget. I want to be that voice that your audience cannot get out of their head at work, the voice that tells them that your product IS the right product for them, the informative voice that tells your next clients that they need to see you and why, and the voice that will lead you to a more successful career. Above anything else, I'm here to help you with your products and services.