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As the most attractive, successful and enlightened woman in our planet's history, Lady Liberty's short-term memory may lead to her death.. "Impossible!" you think?.. Think again.. Her passing could come as early as autumn.. Allow me to explain.. In 2008, we naively elected a man masquerading as a "leader".. His covert intention -- it didn't take long to figure out -- was to govern as "Emperor".. Smartly equipped with his neo-socialist agenda, unbridled (albeit "unwarranted") arrogance, insatiable disregard for the Constitution, driven by a propogandist, left-wing media machine, he has relegated our nation’s unique moral fabric, proud history and very existence to deleted status.. Destiny is closing in.. This November, we expel this charlatan and begin the process of becoming the United States again: a United States that doesn't condone, much less "legislate," living off the hard work and discipline of others as a formula for success; a United States that respects all creeds and colors -- not just those in contemporary, liberal-elite fashion circles; a United States that responds to threats from our enemies not with pathetic apologies for who we are -- and who our parents and grandparents have been -- but with a vicious punch in the face!.. Apathy is our mortal enemy.. You hear folks sheepishly comment on the President’s performance saying, “Well I guess it could be worse” or “It seems like things 'might' be getting better” and/or similar concessionary blather.. What this poisonous phenomenon actually reflects is a demoralized public. Many of us who formerly maintained an aggressive vigilance in the interest of our nation's governance have become so mesmerized by this still-born Democrat reality that we have buried our heads in the sand.. At heart, we are good citizens.. In despair, we have been turned into zombies; hypnotized by White House disinformation for a precious -- though misguided and fraudulent -- feeling of sanctuary.. As a consequence, we are also a wounded public which, in its depression, has not made a priority of mentally retaining the sequential details of how this abysmal failure known as Obama has nearly destroyed this nation in three years (grant him another four and the soul of Lady Liberty will perish in the urine stench of an old folks home -- a tragic victim of neglect).. As a quick refresher course -- and urgent reminder that you "must register and vote" to expel this blood brother of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, I give you.... Donkey Vetting

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