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It Went

Characters Cowboy Storyteller Attitude Burly Cartoon Cocky Conversational Country Crazy North American

Internet Video
English (North American)

Music demo I put together. Wrote, played, and programmed everything. Lyrics:

I am leader of this outfit
I am constantly wandering
Staggering the streets, buckled at the knees
My pants are wearing me

Everyone asking for money
Nothing I got was for free
That only leaves paying for things
And walking aimlessly

An old man ahead is singing
An old tune I haven’t heard
As I approach, the quiet is broke
By the old man’s queer old song

It went...

I ain’t no spring rooster
I made my share of bad calls
But I always come clean no matter the stink
If just by the blue of my balls

One time I needed a ride
To pick up this new girl from work
So I got a car out my old man’s yard
Sure shook up that old bastard

He came at me on his hog
I took off down the road
Till I hit a curve and all my wheels turned
From a spin into a roll

It went...

I have been out drinking
I am currently horny
Don’t bother me unless you’re a lady
And willing to screw for nothing

Because I met a lotta assholes
Telling me how to live
So I got my hands on some paper and pen
Put down what I think of them

It went...

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